How to find the best gaming mouse available ?

To find the best available gaming mouse in 2016, you really have to search quite hard. Tons of gaming mice offer some value for money but they don’t always give the best available specifications.

Mice’s have different groups that they perform by. Some people seek specific gaming mice for FPS style games, some people seek mice for MMO style games and others just need a general mouse, which can be used for everything.

In our opinion the best gaming mouse under 50 is definitely the Redragon mice. More specifically the m601. The m601 offers tons of features, from a glowing LED light on the back which gives a very visually impacting look to the mouse, as well as a few extra buttons that can be programmed for several different uses. Mostly we used these for extra keybinds in games such as Guild Wars 2. We used the keybinds to gain speed on the pressing of the abilities, and gain an edge on the opponents.


Apart from redragon, you will really struggle to find a cheap mouse that can really suit all your needs. You will almost be forced to go with them and pick up one of their mice, because we can’t actually find any other mice that has the same stats, and specification for such a cheap price.

The only downside or cons of the mouse, is the lack of durability that comes with the mouse, it only lasts for a year or so, and soon it will break or die off, and become a useless piece of plastic. The mouse also weighs a ton and keeps you from taking it abroad to another country, as it adds some extra weight to your luggage, compared to other more expensive mice which actually weigh a ton less, and don’t take up any weight on your luggage.

To make the best use of this mouse, really make sure to use it much more than it’s required.

My Views on WindWards

I am of two minds about almost every part of Windward. I really like games I will pick up rapidly, and Windward undoubtedly fits that bill. In just a short while of playing you will have thoroughly taken the basic principles of the sport. Sailing is a catch, using the mouse or either WASD, as well as the space bar to drop anchor. Wind is not much of a matter: it helps when it is blowing in your benefit, you reach top speed, but when it is not you will keep going along.

Matter is, there is actually not much beyond those principles. These assignments are almost always the same and you will find yourself doing them tons of times through, although every town you see may have a number of missions. In battle, your gunners auto- set, or fire while you as well as your enemy circuit each other, and in the event that you have unlocked specific attacks it is possible to make use of them entangle rigging boats on fire. Despite several losses as well as tons of successes, nevertheless, I don’t have any memorable stories to tell. One conflict feels like another, and towns that are getting just needs parking and then bombarding sentry towers. With step-by-step rewards, repetitive jobs, and straightforward systems, Windward feels just like a grind from virtually the instant you set sail.

Not one of that really clarifies why I can not seem to quit playing with it. Slowly chipping away at enemy land until you have captured a fresh segment of the grid is meeting, as well as the occasional rewarding stash of booty discovered in the open sea could be exciting, but most of what I enjoy is that it really is a little number of actions that do not need lots of effort.

It definitely does not hurt that Windward supplies a wonderful small procedurally created world to spend time in. The physics are fun: while attacking land-based towers it is neat to observe your cannonballs roll that is teeny and recoil from the stone, and explosions, while miniature, are marvelous. The sound and music effects are excellent, as well as UI and the menus are unobtrusive and easy to know.

I think the question is: how easy is too easy? It is still difficult for me not to wish more profound in almost every facet of Windward, although I do recognize games that do not need the never-ending scouring of wikis and a doctorate from Minmax University. A bit more of a benefit for investigation, more intriguing characteristics in maybe a few more choices for boat management, the worlds it is possible to create along with a color more depth to the market. Even multiplayer did not believe appreciably different than single-player, there were only more boats sailing near (and a good bit of interim).